Međunarodni rukometni TV turnir šampiona

Mеђународни рукометни TV турнир шампиона

International Handball TV Tournament of Champions

International Handball TV Tournament of Champions

52. International Handball TV Tournament of Champions "Doboj 2021" 17. - 21. August 2021

Doboj, 03.08.2021. godine


Obavještavamo vas da je ekipa CS Dinamo iz Bukurešta otkazala učešće na 52. Međunarodnom rukometnom TV turniru šampiona „Doboj 2021“ a uz izvinjenje i obrazloženje da Rukometna federacija Rumunije organizuje Super kup Rumunije u periodu od 21. do 25. avgusta 2021. godine, i u želji da zaštite svoje igrače, ne mogu preuzeti rizik putovanja i povrede igrača i rizik koji nosi i sama pandemija Kovid 19. Takođe, obavještavamo vas da je RK Borac iz Banja Luke nova ekipa 52. Međunarodnog rukometnog TV turnira šampiona, kojoj se zahvaljujemo na prihvatanju učešća na Turniru „Doboj 2021“.

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1971 -ANATOLI JEVTUSENKO, coach, "MAI", Moscow and the coach of SU

- This was a tournament that brought together the sportsman from varius countries, that madethem ali be friends. We found friends in the city of Doboj, we found people ther that vvould always greet their guests with a warm heart.

1976 - BAKO FRANTISEK, COACH, "Red Star", Bratislava

- This is the greatest tournament in the vvhole world. The hosts are so hospitable.

1978 - OTO TELMANN, cocah, "Steaua", Bucharest

- Doboj is a small city, but it is its people that make it great. We had a vvonderfol time here. AH the players liked it, and they want to come here again, for the next year's Tournament. Anywey, it is our first time to take part in a tournament in Yugoslavia. We think that the Doboj Tournament is the gratest event of this kind in the world.

1979 - NIKOLAYTOMIN, goalkeeper, "CSKA", Moscow

-I had not hoped to be the best goalkeeper here in Doboj, because the competition was so fierce. Anyway, I have beautiful memories of Doboj, for I have played this vvorld's greatest handball tournament sixtimes.

1981 - BERTIL ANDERSEN, coach, Svvedish Natnional Team

-I am always so happy when we recive an ivitation to take part in the Doboj Tournament. Our team this year is somevvhat younger-wehave five pioneers, vvhich hampered us a little and we could not achieve the best result, but is not so important-what is inportant for us that we took part in a sports event that is the vvorld's greatest event of the kind.

1983 - SERHIO PETIT, coach,"Barcelona"

-We have beautiful memories of this beautiful place. Everything vvas unforgettable. The Tournament itself vvas in the vvorld level. I am sorry that the „Barcelona" team vvas not ready to show better results. VVe wil try and put our best effort to win Spanish Champioship together with"Wunderlich" and „Fejzula", and I hope vve will see each other again.

1998 - ZORAN ZIVKOVIC, former national team player, choach of "Jugopetrol-Zeljeznicar" and the National Team of Yugoslavia

- In this year after year that the enthusiasts of Doboj have shown their love for this game. VVith impeccable organization, the toumament brings togetherthe best teams in the vvorld. It is a pleasure and an honour for every handball plaver to give his personal contribution to making the Toumament this significiant. I had a pleasure and an honour to take part in the championship with a number of teams and on several occasions. It is always with most beautiful memories and impressions that I would leave Doboj, aware that a part of me stayed behind in the city-this vvorld metropolisof handball.

2003 - PETER KOVAČ, coach of "PIK SEGEDIN" Segedin

- We would always recive a lot of inivitation for the toumament participation, but vve vvould always choose Doboj, because the Doboj Toumament is in many ways unique. Besides the teams, that grow better and bettre year after year, vvhat delights me is atmosphere and hospitality that only a vvarm-hearted peoplecan give, and the people of Doboj are like that.

2006 - Dr. BRANISLAV POKRAJAC, former national team player, a prominent handball master

- To take part in Doboj Toumament has always been a privilege. The very fact that its organized are passionate lovers of handball, that their endevour and fanaticisim made it the most prominenthandball toumament it the vvorld make this event a magnet that attracts ali its participants. The hospitality and kidness that one can find in every organized, in every organizer, in every spectator, that a guest is abundantly surrounded vvith is this tournamen s trade mark its soul. The Doboj Toumament is once more shovving its vitality and strenght and affter ali the tragedies that happened in this area it is now regaining its prominence and grovving into a handball giant that he has alweys been. Those who vvhere coming before are coming novv again. To be a partof the Doboj Toumament vvill alweys be a privilege.

2010 - VLADIMIR MA KS I MOV, coach of the Chekhovskie Medvedi" from Russia:

Great Toumament, excellent organization and for sure the competition that is an honour to take part at. Besides the Champions League vve don't have the opportunity to play vvith opponents like here very often. People in the audience here knovv handball very vvell, cheer, correctly, applaud to every good move, and I am really impressed.