Međunarodni rukometni TV turnir šampiona

Mеђународни рукометни TV турнир шампиона

International Handball TV Tournament of Champions

International Handball TV Tournament of Champions

52. International Handball TV Tournament of Champions "Doboj 2021" 17. - 21. August 2021

Doboj, 03.08.2021. godine


Obavještavamo vas da je ekipa CS Dinamo iz Bukurešta otkazala učešće na 52. Međunarodnom rukometnom TV turniru šampiona „Doboj 2021“ a uz izvinjenje i obrazloženje da Rukometna federacija Rumunije organizuje Super kup Rumunije u periodu od 21. do 25. avgusta 2021. godine, i u želji da zaštite svoje igrače, ne mogu preuzeti rizik putovanja i povrede igrača i rizik koji nosi i sama pandemija Kovid 19. Takođe, obavještavamo vas da je RK Borac iz Banja Luke nova ekipa 52. Međunarodnog rukometnog TV turnira šampiona, kojoj se zahvaljujemo na prihvatanju učešća na Turniru „Doboj 2021“.

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International Handball TV Tournament of Champions

This year the Toumament tums forty-eight. This magnificent sport event has.from small local handball competition as it was in beginning,grown into one of the best and most respectable handball events in the world.
Present its string of pearls - the most beautiful, the most exciting handball matches - while the summer sun is setting down,the International Handball TV Toumament proved itself to be an inseparable part of the Doboj's life and the life of its residents. Doboj handball temple during the last four and a half decades has become a place vvhere best handball clubs and handball masters gather, a place vvhere best and most beautiful handball is plaved.
At the moment.during the atrocious war, the Toumament was stopped, but went on grovving in the year 1996.,thanks to its host's wish to make it an event that vvill bring together the best clubs and handball masters and that vvill give the Toumament back his pre-vvar shine, vvhen we vvere not hampered by any kind of political or national, or any other kind of obstacles in the form of belligerence and intolerance; because, sports knovv no such obstacles;sports is an endevour that comprises peace and friendship among the vvorld nations.
And, just to refer to a vvorld-famous handball expert, this handball globe of ours - and we do not vvant to exaggerate - this kind of event (not even close to this kind) has not only ever been seen.but has not been dreamt of. Suffice it to say, it is TV TOURNAMENT DOBOJ - and there is nothing to add to it. Everything is clear: the toumament of ali tounaments, the quality of ali qualities, the handball of ali handballs - that's Doboj. For, what a championship is for national selections, this super toumament on the soil of the hundred-year old Doboj is for handball giants that gather to clash and compete in it.
If for nothing else, than it is for such names as Monpellier, Ciudad Reala, Nordhorna .Chehovski Medvedi, Steaua, Gumersbah, Dukla, CSKA, Barcelona, Lugia, Besprem, MAI, Partizan, Pelister, Crvena Zvezda, Atletico, Metaloplastika, Kretej, Zagreb, Borac and many other vvorld champions that the handball vvorld should bow vvith ,,hat dovvn" before ali the knovvn and unknovvn heroes of the Doboj organization that has succeeded in making this event so magnificent.
And the names of such handball masters like Karabatic, Stinga, Vujovic, Horvat, Schmidt, Vunderlich, Cemishoff, Maksimoff, Birtolan, Tomina, Karadza, Klempel, and hundreds of others, end their coaches Otzella, Dushebajev, Cervar, Hasanefendic, Zivkovic, Predecha, Seles, Jevtuschenko, Anderson and others vvill remain for eternity vvritten in the book of Doboj spectacle.
The name of Doboj embellished vvith the Tournament's logo has in these last years flovvn over the borders of 40 counties, over ali the handball meridians. During the last forty-five years there vvas no single stain or indecent incident. Encounters of the handball players vvere equal to their honour and name no matter to the political or any other affiliation, no matter to the country or the continent those players čame from. And, the citizens of our Doboj, these beautiful citizens, and the youth of Doboj, vvould take care that the streets of the city are clean and full of flovvers and green trees, that the night city is bathing in colours of light, that the dear guests are greeted vvith love and friendship and admiration.
The same picture vvill be seen in ali the years to come, because - it's just that vve love people, vve love sport.