Međunarodni rukometni TV turnir šampiona

Mеђународни рукометни TV турнир шампиона

International Handball TV Tournament of Champions

International Handball TV Tournament of Champions

51. International Handball TV Tournament of Champions "Doboj 2019" 20. - 24. August 2019

Beijing Sport

RK Izviđač



RK Sloga

HC Tatran


RK Vojvodina Novi Sad


HC Kriens-Luzern


RK Eurofarm


  • The history of the town of Doboj goes backtothefirst centuryAD when the Romans builta big military camp - Castrum. In the thirteen century centre location was changed so the camp was transfered from the hill above the mouth of Usora river to the valley of Bosna river just opposite the mouth of Spreca river. The oldest vvritten source mentioning the name of Doboj was dated in 1415. After conquering Bosnia in 1463 the Turks conquered Doboj fortress in 1476. The Austro - Hungarians have been taking Doboj from the Turks twice and in 1878 finally took over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Primitive Turkish Empire and its eastern ideology was replaced by Austro-Hungary, a European occupier with concepts of modern contribution. After the construction of a narrow-gauge rail netvvork Panonia -Primorje, valley of Bosna river enters the netvvork of European Communications. The intersection in Doboj (along Usora tovvard Teslic and along Spreca tovvard Tuzla) becomes the most important and most frequent traffic spot in BH. Soon after that roads covered by road metal have been built. It was a very important thing for Doboj. Shell of an old tovvn that was preserved for centuries broke and the town expanded into thevallev.

    In the 18th century making its present river bed, Bosna river freed space for the local road from the hill to vallev. After the VVorld War I the activities to fill the old river bed started and finished. The area was elevated so it was transformed into a new street. That is how Kralja Aleksandra Street vvasformed. Itgot it present name after King Aleksandar visited Doboj in 1942. The extension of this street led to the military baracks founded after the VVorld VVar II. Doboj like this metthe end of the VVorld VVar II. After the construction of normal - gauge rail netvvork Samac - Sarajevo, Doboj railway station becomes first class railway knot. Construction of a bridge across Bosna river was inevitable. Presented solution was a right angled street connecting the new bridge and the railway station .Hovvthisfourth centre of the tovvn of Doboj was going to look like depended on the vvill or the talent of the then urban planner. Governing concepts of the 20th century prefered solutions that had bigger parks. Sociorealistic needs won, so huge space for meetings was created and the green part vvas named 'Park of the heroes'.

    Doboj is a host to many sports, culture and fun manifestations vvhich are usually traditional and visited by many people.

    An event that has already become brand of Doboj is the International Handball TV Tournament of Champions founded in 1965. During half of the century it hosted best handball teams and has been characterised by the International Handball Federation (IHF) as on of the best handball tournamentsinthevvorld.